The Most Popular Alcohol Coffee Drinks this Season

Best Coffee Alcoholic Drinks this Season

Enjoy these popular alcohol coffee drinks this season while cozied up, relaxing, and winding down by the fire. While there are endless ways to mix your favorite coffee roast into an enjoyable adult beverage, these are sure to impress you and your guests this season. 

Grab your ingredients and lets get this party started.


First up is the most popular, founded in Ireland. The Irish are known for their drinks, so to me it's a no brainer, this one will get some attention. 

Bailey's Irish Coffee Recipe

6-8 oz cup of hot coffee

1 1/2 shots Bailey's Irish Cream

1/4 cup whipped cream

Ground cinnamon

Pour hot coffee into a preheated glass. Add the Bailey's and mix well. Top with a mound of whipped cream and a few dashes of cinnamon.

 Alcohol Coffee drink of the season

This next one is for some of you wilder partiers. The coffee gets you up and ready to kick off those shoes and dance, while the booze keeps you going all night. Hope you enjoy

Mexican Coffee

6-8 oz cup of hot coffee

3/4 shot Kahlua

3/4 shot Tequila

Whipped Cream

Pour coffee over liqueurs & top with whipped cream. Garnish with a cherry.


This one is my personal favorite and go to drink. The smoothness and flavor of the drink can get you in trouble, so be advised on this one.

The White Russian with Coffee

6-8 oz coffee

1 shot vodka

3/4 shot Kahula 

Add 4 cubes of ice

Topped with milk

Pour coffee over liqueurs. Add ice and then pour milk to get a smooth light brown color. Stir and serve.

 Alcohol Coffee Drinks This Season

Now for the fancy one. Brought to you by the French. Indulge in this masterpiece with class. 

Amaretto Coffee

1 cup of hot coffee

1 1/2 shots Amaretto liqueur

1/4 cup whipped cream

1/2 tspn toasted, sliced almonds

Pour hot coffee into a preheated brandy snifter and stir in the liqueur. Top with whipped cream and almonds.


Lastly, let's finish off with one for the men. That's right bourbon. Ladies show off your skills and serve this one up tonight.

Kentucky Coffee

6-8 oz of hot coffee

1 shot of Bourbon

1/2 shot of coffee liqueur 

1 dash of vanilla extract 

Pour some milk or cream to finish it off


We hope you enjoy these top five Most Popular Alcohol Coffee Drinks this Season brought to you by Iron City Coffee. Visit us at to order premium gourmet coffee roasts to add quality flavor to your signature party drink. Have a happy and safe holiday season this year. 


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