Ideal Coffee Station Set-Up at the Workplace

A coffee station at the workplace could be a great perk to your employees. Many workers love the delicious beverage and will appreciate the gesture. Not to mention coffee has natural caffeine. Your company could benefit with more focus and energy, increasing production. Creating a coffee bar for the break room can become as simple or luxurious as you can imagine. We have created a guide to set up the most ideal coffee station for your office.

Luxurious workplace coffee station

How Big Is Your Business 

First you need to observe how many cups of coffee you will go through in a day. How many employees drink coffee? Will customers who visit your location be offered coffee as well? This will determine what type of coffee machine you will need. If you are in a office with 10 to 30 coffee drinkers we recommend a single serve coffee pod machine. However if your company enjoys a higher quality coffee, you may want a couple 12 cup drip coffee makers. Cuisinart makes great quality drip coffee makers and single serve machines.  For Businesses with 30 plus coffee drinkers we recommend a larger and faster commercial brewer. Avantco makes great coffee makers with fast brewing capabilities. 

Full Coffee Station Supplies

When setting up your coffee station you will need a neat table top to arrange your supplies for easy access to employees and customers. You may want a coffee bar with storage cabinets to keep extra supplies tucked away. Many coffee stations consist of disposable cups/lids, creamer, sugar, and stirrers. You may also choose to add a condiment organizer to keep these items neatly organized. 

Coffee for the Workplace

Many coffee drinkers have a preferred flavor and brand. It could be a good idea to offer a various selection of coffee. Iron City Coffee is a one stop shop for all coffee and supplies. We specialize in specialty roasted coffee with a huge selection of coffees. 

Make your coffee station neat and inviting. You may want to hang up a picture on the wall or the latest news updates going around the company. Be creative and make your coffee station unique to your company. Coffee can bring your company together today with conversation and make working enjoyable. Visit us at for all your coffee needs and weekly news.

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