Fast Ways To Make Good Quality Coffee

Lets face it most of us are not morning people. We wake up to our alarm and hit the snooze button a few times wishing for just a little more sleep. The good news is we have our fresh coffee to look forward too each morning. I am going to tell you the secret i use to save time every morning by having a fresh cup of high quality coffee, practically waiting on me when i finally convince myself to get up for work. 

First Method of Quick Coffee Brewing

Let me start by telling you there are two ways to go about brewing your coffee fast, but read further and i will discuss how to keep the quality great as well. First we can start off by using the popular single serve coffee pod machines. In the specialty coffee world we think of this as a disgrace to coffee. In fact the United States is the only country where this brewing technique is popular. The reason for this is we tend to always be in a hurry to get somewhere and its convenient to pop a pod in and press a button. The trick to making good quality coffee fast in a single pod machine is in the coffee. Fresh roasted coffee with no shelf life thats shipped directly from a high quality coffee bean roastary, makes a world of difference. Have you ever noticed when you pick up a bag of coffee and give it a squeeze the great aromas come out of a vent in the bag. The vent is used to allow the carbon dioxide out by also keeping new air from entering the bag allowing the coffee to stay fresh longer. Single serve pods do not have this vent and is sealed shut with nowhere for the air to move causing the shelf life and quality to fade quickly. I won't get into the quality of robusta beans that grocery store coffee producers use. I will save that for another time. At Iron City Coffee we understand how convenient single serve coffee makers are to use so we have studied and perfected the ultimate technique to make good quality coffee fast in these machines. At our roasting facility we first choose the highest grade quality beans. This quality of coffee is known as "specialty coffee". We then perfect the roasting process to bring out the sought after qualities that specific coffee bean has to offer. Lastly the coffee is roasted on a weekly schedule to ensure the freshest coffee pod most consumers have ever bought. In proven studies the freshest state of coffee is within a 7 day period from when the coffee was roasted. After this time period the longer the coffee grounds are on the shelf the more the flavors will dull out. 

Best Method to Quick Coffee Brewing

So far we have touched on choosing high grade specialty coffee beans and keeping the shelf life to a minimum for freshness. With the drip pot method it is preferred to grind the beans to medium course right before brewing your coffee to savor those great aromas and flavors. However, we are here to get a quick cup of coffee on our way out the door. You may choose to use the Cuisinart 14 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. This coffee maker will allow you to preset your coffee to brew every morning at a certain time so your coffee is practically waiting for you to wake up. Simply place your ground coffee in the filter bin and add the desired amount of filtered water to your machine. Thats it you have great high grade quality coffee brewed instantly. When brewing coffee the most important factor is the temperature at which the water reaches when running through the fresh grounds. The Cuisinart coffee maker listed above does a great job at just that. We believe this method of drip roasting is the best for quick coffee brewing while keeping the high quality. Keurig machines and many other single serve machines are notorious for not reaching high enough temperatures to fully bring out everything the coffee grounds have to offer. We hope you enjoyed this coffee tip of the week. If you are interested in our freshly roasted coffees and supplies you can visit us at and also keep informed on our blog page release every week. 


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