Cold Brew Coffee Recipe at home | Iron City Coffee, Birmingham, AL

Cold Brew Coffee at home-ironcitycoffee.comCold Brew Coffee Recipe at home | Iron City Coffee, Birmingham, AL

Are you a coffee enthusiast that enjoys the great taste of freshly ground beans, the antioxidants, or just the great aroma of a cup of joe. Although hot coffee when in the summer months can be a bit, well too hot. Embrace in our Cold Brew Iron City Coffee Recipe. Brew up enough to last you and your coffee lovers all week long in one batch. Prep time is about 10 minutes and ready in about 18 hours depending on strength of brew.


- 6 oz Iron City Coffee Cold Brew Coffee (Course Grind) link below

- 8 cups cold water     

- Coffee Filters 

- Cheese Cloth or mesh strainer 


-  Place coffee grounds in pitcher. Then pour your water over the grounds slowly.

-  Cover your pitcher with plastic wrap and steep at room temperature 18-24 hours. 

- Then strain your pitcher with cheese cloth or use your mesh strainer to pour your brew into a clean pitcher. Discard the grounds. To get best results strain again through coffee filter.

- Store in refrigerator

When ready, serve over ice and add your favorite flavor of cream. Enjoy your Iron City Coffee Cold Brew all week long

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